Don't just take it from us, read it straight from our customers!

Clarksburg has many culinary wonders, including several top-notch Italian restaurants, Olivierio's Cash and Carry grocery store, and Tomaro's bakery; but no culinary tour is complete without a chili dog and a little conversation at Ritzy Lunch.

Thanks for making me feel welcome at your GREAT establishment... Your restaurant is "What's right with America" keep up the tradition...

Best hot dogs in the area!

My mom and I would enjoy a delicious steak sandwich there back in the 1960's. Good quality and friendly neighbors!

I can remember going here as a kid and loving the meatball sandwich. The hotdogs are just as you want them. The decor is what makes this place what it is a hotdog joint with draft beer and the old patrons at the bar. I love it if it changed it would be a tragedy.

The best thing at the Ritzy may just be the Giovanni Burger. It's made with a healthy-sized patty inside two slices of gorgeous, locally baked garlic toast. It is unparalleled!